Natural Beauty with the Bakers

This was the first wedding I did for someone I know. Zach and I graduated from college together, both of us with degrees in graphic design. Many long hours were spent in the graphics lab together with our friends, slaving away over huge projects. I met his then fiancé, Taylre, when I helped them move into their soon to be first apartment. We hit it off instantly. We didn't get get to know too much about each other until after the wedding, but once we did, we were fast friends, which made her happiness about how the wedding photos turned out mean even more to me. 

When Zach asked me to be a guest as well as a photographer at their wedding, I was overjoyed! Capturing a friend's most amazing day of his life filled me with such excitement. 

Zach and Taylre met in their small hometown of Montgomery, Missouri. They then continued on to St. Charles Community College together. Their relationship even continued and flourished when Zach went to university and they had to live a little farther apart. Their relationship has always been one of trust, happiness, and good times. I admire how much they support each other and meet each other's needs. They bring out the best in each other. 

They got married at High Hill Christian Camp on a beautiful spring day. The natural light and lakeside setting made the day even more gorgeous. 

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