photo shoot

Fleming Females Fabulous in Fall

These four sisters and their mother we so much fun to photograph, especially since they are my cousins and aunt. Photographing family is so much different than working with other clients. There's a higher level of comfort, yet some more nerves because telling your family what to do can be a bit of a challenge. 

Despite these worries, the Fleming ladies killed it in this fabulously fall colored shoot. They had wanted to get some pictures to give to our grandmother for Christmas, and with it being November, the time frame on nature's fall color and bearable temperatures was coming to an end. But luckily, we were able to squeeze in a fall shoot on an only slightly chilly day. 

This she-wolf family pack from St. Charles contains many wonderful similarities and differences. Emily, strong-willed and boisterous mother of four, took center stage amongst her daughters in most of the pictures. Autumn, the oldest of the four, is currently working full time while pursuing her degree in Chemistry. Leslie, second oldest, is going hard in her sophomore year towards a music education career. Morgan, third child and spitting image of her mother, is a junior in high school with dreams of being a scientist. And finally, Shelby, is a sophomore in high school with a passion for softball and horses. 

The style of this shoot could not have come together more perfectly with slight winter undertones of their apparel combined with fall's fading palette. With brilliantly colored scarves, the ladies all coordinated with excellent fashion. Mom Emily's scarf contained teals, maroons, and white, while each of the girls reflected these tones within each of their solid colored scarves. The final days of fall were very kind to us, providing reds, oranges, greens, browns, and brilliant yellows.